Dafabet Exchange Review

Dafabet Exchange has been operational since 2004, initially catering to customers in the Philippines. Over the years, it has experienced significant growth, expanding its reach to other Asian nations, including India. As a member, you can trust the Dafabet casino app to provide a robust betting exchange platform suitable for back betting, lay betting, and In-play betting.

Dafabet Asia‘s betting exchange is renowned for its reliability and boasts an extensive sportsbook that covers a wide array of live events worldwide, including Cricket, Football, MMA, and Formula 1, among others.

You can be confident that Dafabet’s operations in India are entirely legal, ensuring complete trustworthiness when it comes to payments. The platform provides an extensive range of payment options, including UPI transfers, local bank transfers, e-wallets, credit and debit card payments, and cryptocurrency.

This post contains all the essential information about the Dafabet exchange, addressing basic questions you may have and more.

Dafabet Betting Exchange

A betting exchange differs from a typical bookmaker because it lets you place ‘lay’ bets in addition to ‘back’ bets, which are the only option on regular betting sites.

Once you log into the Dafab, you can place various bets on a broad range of sporting events from across the globe. You can wager on popular sports like those mentioned earlier or on major sports leagues such as the English Premier League, Cricket World Cup, Indian Premier League, and Grand Slam tennis, among others.

The betting exchange features a dedicated live section where you can view and bet on ongoing events and matches.

Unlike traditional bookmakers, the odds here are determined by fellow bettors, allowing you to potentially earn more. You also have the option to set your own odds and accept bets from other players on the Dafabet Exchange.For convenience, you can place bets on the go by downloading the Dafabet app, available for both Android and iOS devices. There isn’t a separate app for the exchange; all features are integrated into the main Dafabet app.

How to Place a Back Bet

In the world of betting exchanges, you have the option to place both back bets and lay bets. A back bet is the traditional style of betting where you wager on an outcome to occur. For example, you might bet on a team to win a match or a player to achieve a specific milestone.

Consider a cricket match between England and New Zealand. If you place a back bet on Jos Buttler to score a century, you’re betting that he will indeed score 100 runs. If he does, you win your bet and receive a payout.

How to Place a Lay Bet on Dafabet Exchange

On the other hand, a lay bet involves betting against an event happening. Using the same example, if you place a lay bet on Jos Buttler not scoring a century, you are wagering that he will get out before reaching 100 runs. If Buttler’s score falls anywhere between 0 and 99, you win the bet and earn your payout.

Lay betting is a distinctive feature of betting exchanges, setting them apart from traditional bookmakers. For a deeper understanding, you can explore our comprehensive guide on back and lay betting.

The legality of Dafabet Exchange

Dafabet Exchange is completely legal for users in India, providing a secure platform for online betting. The platform operates under all requisite licenses and adheres to regulatory oversight by authorities in the Philippines, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

When you win bets on Dafabet Exchange, you can trust in receiving your payouts promptly and reliably. Dafabet has built a strong reputation since 2004, consistently honoring payouts to its users.

Regulatory bodies oversee Dafabet’s operations to ensure fair practices and timely payments, maintaining the integrity of the platform and enhancing user confidence.


Joining Dafabet in as a new member opens the door to a variety of enticing betting offers and Dafabet bonus. One standout feature is the Exchange Refund which is designed to help mitigate losses on the platform.

Whether you’re placing lay bets or back bets, you have the opportunity to receive a 50% cashback, up to INR 1,000, on your losses. This golden chips can be utilized within the exchange and comes with a manageable wagering requirement of just 1x.

What makes this bonus particularly appealing is its uniqueness in the Indian market as the sole betting exchange bonus currently available. If you encounter losses, don’t miss out on claiming this valuable offer to enhance your betting experience on the Dafabet Exchange.

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