Responsible Gaming at Dafabet: A Comprehensive Guide

Before diving into online betting, it’s crucial to exercise self-discipline. Setting boundaries and practicing responsible gambling is key to ensuring your experience is both enjoyable and safe.

Dafabet Asia, one of India’s leading betting platforms, offers several features to promote responsible gaming. These include setting deposit limits, time restrictions, and self-exclusion options, all aimed at helping you gamble responsibly.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide on how to maintain responsible gaming habits on Dafabet.


Dafabet, like many other online betting and gambling platforms, operates under a set of rules and regulations in India to ensure fair play and protect users.

To help you stay within your betting limits, Dafabet has set minimum and maximum betting thresholds. These limits are adjustable, depending on factors like the type of bet, the sport or game involved, and other relevant considerations.

If you find that your betting habits are becoming problematic, Dafabet’s terms and conditions suggest contacting their customer support. They can help by setting play limitations and restricting your access to the site for a designated period.

Besides betting limits, Dafabet also sets maximum deposit amounts, which vary based on the payment method you choose and the day of the week.

A few popular payment methods are MasterCard, rubpay, bitcoin, visa, bank transfer, UPI, etc.

Self Exclusion

If you’re facing gambling-related issues or simply need a break from betting, Dafabet provides the option for permanent self-exclusion from their platform.

Choosing self-exclusion means you will be unable to participate in any games on Dafabet.

To start this process, contact their Customer Services team. The length of the self-exclusion period is based on your preference and can be set for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, or permanently.

How To Reopen My Account?

During a self-exclusion period, your Dafabet account will be temporarily disabled. You won’t be able to log in, access your account, change account details, make withdrawals, place bets, or participate in any sports or casino gaming activities.

It’s important to understand that you cannot end the self-exclusion before the designated period is over. The duration of your exclusion would have been communicated to you by Dafabet’s customer service when you initiated the process.

Once the self-exclusion period has ended, you can reactivate your Dafa sports by simply logging in to the website.

What happens when your account gets restricted?

During a self-exclusion period, your Dafabet account will be restricted, preventing you from placing bets on sports events or participating in casino games.

Another reason for account restrictions is age verification. While you can set up and modify your Dafabet mobile app, access to betting games will be denied until you submit the required age verification documents.

For more details on the verification process, check out our guide on Dafabet account registration.

If you don’t complete the age verification within the specified timeframe, your account might be temporarily suspended. To regain access, you need to contact Dafabet’s customer service and provide the necessary age verification documents as per their instructions.

Age Verification

As noted earlier, age verification is crucial at Dafabet in. You must provide valid documents proving you are over 18. Without this verification, you will not be able to place bets.

If you fail to submit the necessary documents within a specified timeframe, your account will be suspended until you complete the verification process.

Geographical Restrictions

While Dafabet cricket is available in many countries, access may be restricted in certain regions due to local betting laws and regulations. This can also cause login issues.

However, Dafabet complies with Indian laws and is accessible in most Indian states. To check if Dafabet is available in your area, please visit the legal page. 

To update your account information, go to the “My Profile” section under My Account. For major changes, such as updating your name or birthdate, contact Dafabet’s Customer Support via email or live chat. Their team will guide you through the process. Please be aware that you cannot change the primary currency of your account once it has been set during registration. For more detailed instructions, refer to our comprehensive guide on updating personal details at Dafabet India.

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