Everything You Need To Know About Dafabet NBA Cashback Bonus

The 78th season of the NBA is underway and it is bringing in new excitement for basketball lovers across the world. 

As teams get ready to battle it out with each other, you will have the chance to earn approximately twenty thousand dollars. So make sure that you dont miss out on betting on even one team. With one of India’s best bookmakers making this whole season a lot more fun, you can expect to get a whopping 10% cashback on all the bets. 

Not only that, you can also improve your whole betting experience by making a lot of money. So ensure that you make the most of this chance, use the exciting cashback offer by Dafabet Sports, and begin your betting journey right away.

What is this bonus all about?

The best thing about this cashback bonus is that it works as a promotional offer designed for folks interested in basketball betting like the NBA. Here, you can enjoy a few live games with the help of the Dafabet website. The streaming will also give you an exciting chance to earn more than 10% of your bets every single week. This will go up to approximately rupees twenty thousand. 

If you want to compete for the NBA bonus, ensure your odds are 1.50 at least. But remember that not all the bets will be used for promotion. There will be a few excluded categories like LEAP Games, Edge games, eSports Bull, Highlight Games, Live Lottery, Incentive Games, etc.

The whole cashback amount that you get from your VIP status is available on Dafabet India. On that note, take a look at the best percentages as well as the maximum amount that you can avail from all the best players. 

So the first type is known as the VIP bronze. Winning this will give you a cashback of 8 percent and the maximum amount will be eight thousand. VIP Silver on the other hand will give you a cashback percentage of rupees twelve thousand. VIP Gold is also present. This will give you a good amount of twenty thousand whereas VIP Platinum will also get you the same amount.

How can you claim the bonus?

  • To claim the bonus, begin by filling up a form that is given to you on the Dafabet Asia website. You can then confirm that you are participating in the program. Doing this will make you eligible for the cashback offer, so make sure that you dont miss out on this one. 
  • Next, make sure that you have registered yourself as a member. Then you will easily be able to sign up. Once the registration process is complete, you will be able to participate in all of the activities as well as the promotions. 
  • After this, get started by playing bets. After signing up, you could easily place live bets for any of the NBA batches for the upcoming seasons. 
  • Now its time to get your cash. Here, your cashback will depend on the activity that’s occurred throughout the week and your refund will also be issued during Mondays. The refund will also be issued every week. This will help you avert some risks that come with betting. 

Why Bet on Dafabet?

Betting on Dafabet online offers a premium experience for sports enthusiasts, especially during the thrilling NBA season. As one of India’s leading bookmakers, Dafabet bonus provides top-notch live-streaming services, ensuring you catch every exciting moment. The 10% cashback bonus on NBA bets up to INR 20,000 weekly adds incredible value to your wagers. With reliable payouts and a secure betting environment, Dafab enhances your sports betting journey, making it a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their game and enjoy substantial returns.

In conclusion, Dafabet com is a fantastic opportunity for basketball enthusiasts to enhance their betting experience during the thrilling 78th NBA season. With the chance to earn up to INR 20,000 in cashback every week, this offer adds an extra layer of excitement to every game. By ensuring your bets meet the minimum odds requirement of 1.50 and avoiding excluded categories, you can maximize your returns.

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